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July 2019

Important Alignments to Pray Effectively for Breakthrough | Doug Stringer

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Prays Family, below is a message from a member of our Board of Advisors. We encourage you to read the following on prayer breakthrough!

Hitting the Mark

Effective prayer is prayer that hits its mark. As a praying people, we want to be like archers who shoot out their arrows and hit the bullseye. But how do we become effective in prayer? A lot of people pray, but is all prayer effective? Do our prayers avail much, as the Scripture says? Let’s face it: Sometimes when we pray, it feels as though our prayers hit a brick wall.
May this part 1 of a 2 part article be an encouragement to each of you. May we all remember and experience the Master of the Breakthrough Himself.  

3 Crucial Alignments to Pray Effectively for Breakthrough

Below are more powerful articles to read.

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“Leading Well Though Life’s Detours”

-World Prays Team 

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