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November 2019

Pastors hope to cover the state in ’24/7 prayer’ by 25th bombing anniversary

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Brian Alarid had the privilege to speak with faith leaders’ at Vast in downtown Oklahoma City.

Carla Hinton, a local editor for The Oklahoman, documents the following in her online news report.

“What would happen if churches across the metro area and state committed to praying for their communities so that cities and towns are swathed in prayer 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

Ministers and other community leaders hope to find out.

One church might pray on one Wednesday a month, while another might sign up to pray on one Saturday or a Tuesday.

That’s the premise of a new Christian prayer movement called “Oklahoma Prays.”

The Rev. John Stitt, a Tulsa preacher and Gov. Kevin Stitt’s father, said he found the idea intriguing when it was introduced to him during a recent out-of-state visit.

Stitt discussed the concept at a faith leaders’ luncheon on Nov. 13 at Vast in downtown Oklahoma City….”

To read the full story, click the link below:

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