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America Prays is a movement of believers, churches, businesses and ministries covering America in 24/7 prayer. Our mission is Every Believer, Every Family, Every Church and Every Business A House of Prayer. Our vision is to unite and equip 40,000 churches in 24/7 prayer for a national spiritual awakening. We are a multiethnic, interdenominational, multigenerational, Jesus-centered prayer movement. America Prays is part of the World Prays global prayer network.


J. Edwin Orr once said, “No great spiritual awakening has begun anywhere in the world apart from united prayer.” The world is in desperate need of spiritual awakening. Will you partner with us to cover every city and state in America in 24/7 prayer? Will you stand in the gap for your community?

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Our Vision

Our vision is to unite and equip 40,000 churches in 24/7 prayer for a national spiritual awakening.

Our mission is Every Church A House of Prayer.

The Call

Our call is to devote ourselves to prayer for our communities and nation. The Early Church’s devotion to unceasing prayer propelled them to unity and revival. Acts 1:14, “These all with one mind were continually devoting themselves to prayer.”

The Idea

Regardless of their size, location, annual budget, worship style or theology, every church can adopt a day or half day of prayer every month. A monthly day of prayer is not the end game, but an on-ramp that helps churches develop a culture and rhythm of prayer.


Churches commit to adopt a monthly day or half day of prayer and cover those 12-24 hours in prayer. Recruit people to pray 30-60 minutes from home, work, school or church. Churches pray the same day of the month (1st) or day of the week (2nd Wed).


“I am so excited to support America Prays and their vision of uniting and equipping 40,000 churches in 24/7 prayer for a national spiritual awakening. I am especially grateful for my friend Brian Alarid and the other leaders of this movement that began in America and is now spreading to many nations through World Prays. I encourage you to go to and explore how you and your church or ministry might benefit from what America Prays has to offer.”


“We are thrilled to be part of America Prays. The vision is so doable, so possible, and so Christ-honoring! This is something our ministry wants to be involved in and even take it all over the world.”

DICK EASTMANPresident, Every Home for Christ

“I believe that America Prays is a heaven-sent strategy to pull the church together to pray for a great awakening in the United States.”

DAVE BUTTSChairman, National Prayer Committee

“Mobilizing every believer to engage in the vital calling of transformational prayer for church, community, nation and world is often a hit or miss thing and usually not sustainable. God has raised up America Prays and World Prays to provide local churches with a practical, easily implemented model of 24/7 prayer that can empower their members to experience the great privilege of changing our world through Spirit-led intercession in an ongoing way.”

JOHN ROBBChairman, Intl. Prayer Council

“Despite the challenges our country faces spiritually, I’ve never been more encouraged as a Christian leader. Everywhere I look I see God’s Spirit uniting his body in city after city, drawing churches together to pray, serve, and share the Good News. America Prays is one of the best ways I’m seeing God draw people together to seek His face for renewal and Gospel progress.”

KEVIN PALAUPresident, Luis Palau Association
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