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Oklahoma Prays is a part of the America Prays network. We are an inter-denominational, multi-ethnic, Jesus-centered prayer movement covering Oklahoma in 24/7 prayer.

America is in desperate need of revival and spiritual awakening. Our only hope is prayer. Unified prayer in the upper room preceded the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost (Acts 1:14). Will you join us in prayer? Will you stand in the gap for your community?


Our vision is to unite and equip churches in Oklahoma in 24/7 prayer for transformation and spiritual awakening.


Our call is to devote ourselves to prayer for our communities and nation. The Early Church’s devotion to prayer brought them to a place of unity and common purpose. Acts 1:14, “These all with one mind were continually devoting themselves to prayer.”


Every church in America regardless of their size, location, annual budget, worship style or theology can adopt a day or half day of prayer every month. A monthly day of prayer is not the end game, but it is a simple on-ramp that helps churches develop a culture of prayer.


Churches commit to adopt a monthly day of prayer or half day of prayer and cover those 12 to 24 hours in prayer. Recruit people to pray in 30-60 minute segments from home, work, school or at church. Churches pray the same day of the month (1st, 8th) or day of the week (3rd Wed).

Our Team

Rich Manganaro

Chairman, OK Prays

Rich and Anita Manganaro are Senior Pastors at Harvest Church Broken Arrow where they have been serving in various roles since 1990. They love to see unity in the body of Christ and Rich is currently heading up with other pastors monthly meetings called Unity in the Community. Rich has a passion to help law enforcement and is a police and fire chaplain for the city of Broken Arrow as well as a FBI chaplain. Rich is a graduate from Christian Leadership University with a B.A. in Pastoral Ministry and a Master’s Degree in Christian Counseling. He and his wife Anita live in the Tulsa area and have been blessed with two sons and three grandsons.

Jackson Lahmeyer

Jackson Lahmeyer is the Lead Pastor of Sheridan.Church in Tulsa, OK. He also serves as the Oklahoma Coordinator for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Assocotaion as well as the Dean of Education for Victory College. Jackson is a graduate of Oral Roberts University with a B.A. and M.A in Theological & Historical Studies. He and his wife, Kendra, live in the Tulsa area with their four children.

Calvin Battle

Calvin Battle is the founder and Senior Pastor of Destiny Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Calvin is a gifted preacher, entrepreneur, mentor, prayer leader, and leadership catalyst. Calvin has studied at the University of Alabama, World Harvest Bible College, and Oral Roberts University. Calvin and his wife English live in Tulsa.

Sharon Daugherty

Sharon Daugherty is the Founding Pastor of Victory Christian Centre in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which she, along with her late husband, Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty, established in 1981. Together the Daughertys established Victory Christian School, Victory Bible College, Victory World Missions Training Center, and the Tulsa Dream Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which provides food, clothing, medical, educational, and recreational services to the community.

Roger Nix

Roger Nix has been lead pastor of Believers Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma since 2001. He is an ’83 ORU grad in Biblical Literature and a ’91 Liberty University grad with an MA in Counseling Psychology. He and his wife Donna were founding members of Impact Productions, leading and pastoring a traveling community of artists for 18 years in 30 different nations. In 2001 Roger began leading Believers Church with the vision of seeing the radical transformation of people, communities and cultures by the spirit of God. His heart is to birth these type of communities worldwide. Roger is part of the National US Board for 24-7 prayer and the US Communities Team. Roger and Donna's greatest missional community is their family—Joel, 21, Anthony, 13, Julia, 9, Blue, (42 in dog years), and Puff (14 in dog years).

Brian Hill

Co-Founder, President and CEO, The Works24 Media Group and Hill Family Farms.

Brian Hill, is married to the love his life, Marla Hill, and couldn't be more proud of their five children: Holden, Heston, Brianna, Brayden, and Sienna.

Brian is the co-founder, president and CEO of The Works24 Media Group – (Works24 Productions, Works24 Promotions, Works24 Network, The Cedar Gate Retreat & Cedar Gate Publishing) and Hill Family Farms.

He serves on the following boards: Governor Stitt's transition team, Signatry Foundation, Family ID, SOULCON, America Prays and Oklahoma Prays Ministries.

Brian believes that every Christian business leader is a “senior pastor”, and that every business owned by a Christian is a “church campus”. He believes that God hasn't given us our influence for our plans but has entrusted it to us for His plan. He wants to help people connect with their God-given purpose and steward their story for generations. For Brian personally, that starts with his family –– his first and most important responsibility of stewardship.

Marla Hill

Co-Founder, The Works24 Media Group and Hill Family Farms

Marla Hill married the man of her dreams, Brian Hill, and is the proud mother of their five anointed World Changers: Holden, Heston, Brianna, Brayden, and Sienna.

Marla is the co-founder of a family of companies: The Works24 Media Group – (Works24 Productions, Works24 Promotions, Works24 Network, The Cedar Gate Retreat & Cedar Gate Publishing) and Hill Family Farms.

She was the co-chair of The 2019 Inaugural Prayer Service of Govenor Stitt, Prayerfest, Stronger Together of Oklahoma, America Prayerfest 2019 in DC with America Prays and Call2All. She is the chairman of The, a movement encouraging all to pray and act upon 2 Chronicles 7:14. She is also a member of the SALLT leadership program of Oklahoma City.

Marla serves on the following boards: The national Board of America Prays, Oklahoma Prays, Stronger Together and City Prayer — movements raising up positive leadership and action in Oklahoma.

Marla is passionate about calling Christian leaders into intentional stewardship of their influence in the marketplace and government. She believes intentional vision plus intentional culture equals a positive turnaround.

Clarence Hill

Founder, Stronger Together Movement | Lead Pastor, Antioch Community Church

Clarence Hill Jr. is the founder and lead visionary for the Stronger Together Movement. He is the Senior Pastor of Antioch Community Church with campuses in Norman and Oklahoma City. He has been married to Alicia for twenty years and has four children.
Clarence graduated from Southern Nazarene University with a BS in Business Administration and played basketball under Johnny Orr at Iowa State University. In 2018, he was appointed by Governor Fallin to the State Advisory Group for Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. He serves as a consultant to the Oklahoma City-County Health Department (OCCHD). He is the Co-Chair for OCCHD’s Wellness Now Coalition Leadership Team (addressing Adolescent Health, Care Coordination, Faith-Based partnership, Health at Work, Mental Health, Nutrition and Physical Activity, and Tobacco Use Prevention). He is the Co-Chair of the Equity Workgroup. In 2015, he was identified as OCCHD’s Community Champion (for the international !00 Million Healthier Lives initiative) as a result of his work in gathering leaders and addressing disparities in Northeast Oklahoma City.
Clarence’s work specializes in addressing difficult social issues and areas of conflict (such as family fragmentation and race relations). He facilitates several strategic city collaboratives, forums, conferences, and campaigns. He speaks across the country on the topic of city transformation, racial harmony, leadership, and compassion.
Since 2015, he has hosted The Bridge conference (formerly “Crossing the Bridge Justice Conference”) to strategically raise awareness and connect leaders across several spheres of influence from varied backgrounds and wealth classes. This conference birthed the United Voice Oklahoma ( initiative – a collaboration of the local television stations (Channels 4, 5, 9, and 25), newspaper (The Oklahoman), and radio (Tyler Media), a first-of-its-kind solution in the country for promoting racial harmony in cities. During the racial tension of 2016, Clarence led a partnership that gathered leaders (police and fire chiefs, principals and superintendents, and government, media, and business leaders) from OKC and surrounding cities to cast vision for a healthy response to these challenges.
Clarence Hill Jr. has also developed and led trainings in leadership and cultural competence. His Compassion Training has reached several organizations, teachers unions, local universities, student leadership organizations, and churches. He is often called upon by city leaders as a mediator and reconciler, being well-known for diplomacy, truthfulness, and an ability to remain objective.
In 2018, through partnership with SALLT and Hobby Lobby, Mr. Hill began to co-chair The Flourish OKC event (formerly called The Passion Awards, which drew 1200 Oklahomans to a celebration of leaders and organizations who care for the most vulnerable of Oklahoma). He also leads City Prayer and several other initiatives which seek to unify and mobilize communities toward systemic change and solutions that bring positive, long-term results for everyone. Clarence has been involved in several efforts to promote family restoration – a board member for the Family Policy Institute of Oklahoma and Marriage Network Oklahoma, and co-founder of the Eye to Eye Marriage Enrichment Community).


June 2022

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