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San Antonio Prays is a part of the America Prays network. We are a cross-denominational, multi-ethnic, Jesus-centered prayer movement covering San Antonio, Texas in 24/7 prayer. America is in desperate need of revival and transformation. Our only hope is prayer. Unified prayer in the upper room preceded the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost (Acts 1:14). Will you join us in prayer? Will you stand in the gap for our community?


Our vision is to unite and equip churches in San Antonio in 24/7 prayer for transformation and spiritual awakening.


Our call is to devote ourselves to unceasing prayer for our communities and our nation. The Early Church was united in prayer, and a unified church is the most credible witness to the world that Jesus is Lord. “These all with one mind were continually devoting themselves to prayer.” —Acts 1:14


Every church in America regardless of their size, location, annual budget, worship style or theology can adopt a day or half day of prayer every month. A monthly day of prayer is not the end game, but it is a simple on-ramp that helps churches develop a culture of prayer.


Churches adopt a monthly day of prayer or half day of prayer and cover those 12-24 hours in prayer. Recruit people to pray in 30-60 minute segments from home, work, school or at church. Churches pray the same day of the month (the 1st, etc.) or day of the week (the 3rd Wed., etc,).

Our Team

Natalie Hardy

Natalie Hardy, a native New Yorker, was born again in 1987 after graduating Law School and
becoming a practicing attorney. She received the call into Christian ministry while still practicing law in Boston, MA and began ministering in her local church. In 1999, she answered the call to full time ministry leaving the practice of law and moving to San Antonio, TX where she is the Executive Director of City Reachers for the love of San Antonio and Outpouring Missions International Inc. and the San Antonio Christian Leaders Forum. Natalie preaches and teaches the word of God. She is a powerful prophetic intercessor with a warrior anointing. Her passion is to see God glorified and the advancement of His Kingdom through the salvation of souls, revival in the church and transformation of society.

Catherine Aranda

Catherine is a woman who seeks a deeper relationship with God in seeking out the vision He has written on her heart for His ministry, Let LOVE Love: "A Ministry of Helps". Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Catherine continues to be trained and led to operate in the anointing which has been placed upon her life as a servant and teacher. She has one son, is one of seven children and has a large loving family. Catherine was raised in a Christian home and has been seeking the Lord for several years. She has overcome many trials in her life which she is able to help others come to Christ as she shares her testimony with them. Catherine honors her Mother for being a woman of prayer and always standing. She's thankful for the support from her son, siblings, parents, family and friends. She has built a strong foundation on God's word, love and promise for her life. She is encouraged by the footsteps of many groundbreaking Christ followers such as Kathryn Kuhlman, Corrie ten Boom and Heidi Baker, to name a few. Catherine’s greatest desire is to “know” God and to seek the mystery of Him; to be as LOVE is.

David Brown

David Lee Brown is the senior leader of San Antonio Tabernacle House of prayer, and YouTuber who longs to see Jesus receive His inheritance: the hearts of His people. David is actively laboring for church unity, and encouraging saints & sinners to direct their hearts to Jesus through, prayer and the Scriptures.

Allen Parker